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Improve your teaching techniques by observing how your students learn best and assessing what they can already do. Then develop structured and imaginative Multiple Intelligence (MI) lesson plans from M A W Education in Oxford, Oxfordshire.

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How Your Students Will Benefit

See your students thrive when you use MI Theory. Learn how to incorporate MI in your daily teaching practices. Traditional schooling heavily favours the verbal-linguistic and logical-mathematical intelligences. Gardner suggests a more balanced curriculum that incorporates the arts, self-awareness, communication, and physical education.

MI in Practice

Gardner advocates instructional methods that appeal to all the intelligences, including role playing, musical performance, cooperative learning, reflection, visualisation, storytelling, and so on. This theory calls for assessment methods that take into account the diversity of intelligences, as well as self-assessment tools that help students understand their intelligences.

A Complete Program

The comprehensive online training courses delivered by M A W Education in Oxford, Oxfordshire, fully trains you and your staff in all aspects of the MI approach.

Topics Covered Include:
• MI and Parents
• Foundation and Theory
• The Learning Environment
• Teaching
• MI and Lesson Planning
• MI and Assessment
• MI Leadership and Management

Skilled Advice

Margaret Warner personally marks online course assessments, so you can be assured you gain the benefit of her expertise in education consulting. She replies to your questions via email, giving you invaluable feedback and comments. Visit online courses to find out more about intelligently designed learner modules.

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