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Read on to learn more about educational services and school staff training, as well as how it breathes new life into your classroom. M A W Education in Oxford, Oxfordshire, applies MI to effective teaching practices, so you can give your students a leading chance of success.
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MI Explained

MI is rooted in our educational services and school staff training. This theory of human intelligence, developed by psychologist Howard Gardner and known as Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences Theory, suggests there are at least seven ways of perceiving and understanding the world.

Gardner labels each of these ways a distinct 'intelligence'— in other words, a set of skills allowing individuals to find and resolve genuine problems they face. Gardner defines an "intelligence" as a group of abilities that:

• Have Plausible Roots in Evolutionary History
• Have a Distinct History in the Stages of
   Development We Each Pass through

• Are Somewhat Autonomous from Other Human 
• Have a Core Set of Information-Processing Operations

Different Ways of Learning

The products developed by M A W Education for educational services and school staff training follow the holistic approach of MI Theory, which acknowledges various categories with respect to learning. While Gardner suggests his list of intelligences may not be exhaustive, he originally identified the following seven:
• Body-Kinesthetic – The Wisdom of the Body and the Ability to Control Physical
• Visual-Spatial – The Ability to Visualise Objects and Spatial Dimensions and
   Create Internal Images and Pictures
• Logical-Mathematical – The Capacity for Inductive and Deductive Thinking and
   Reasoning, as well as the Use of Numbers and the Recognition of Abstract

• Verbal-Linguistic – The Ability to Use Words and Language
• Intrapersonal – The Spiritual, Inner States of Being, Self-Reflection, and
• Interpersonal – The Capacity for Person-to-Person Communications and
• Musical-Rhythmic – The Ability to Recognise Tonal Patterns and Sounds, as
   well as a Sensitivity to Rhythms and Beats

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