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The Multiple Intelligences of Teachers

Teachers Rewards!

How to Work Well with OthersAs teachers we, like our students, have multiple intelligences. We develop them as we teach, so that our student can learn. We have developed some intelligences more than others and, as a result, have become experts in our chosen field.

If you are a secondary teacher, you will be an expert in your chosen subject. Those whose linguistic intelligence is a strength will probably have become an English or language teacher. If you are a primary teacher, your particular expertise may be in a subject, or in the knowledge of how to teach a particular age group. Your interpersonal intelligence may be particularly strong. Pre-school teachers tend to be experts in child development. My experience of pre-school teachers is that they are particularly reflective. Possibly their intrapersonal intelligence is a strength.

I have taught all three phases and needed to develop different intelligences at different times. Being someone who enjoys learning, once I had become an expert in one phase, I enjoyed learning how to become an expert in another. I have also taught and inspected in special schools and developed a degree of expertise in this field.

Another of my interests, which came about when I had to become self-employed to be an OFSTED Inspector, is ICT. I discovered that becoming self-employed meant that I owned a business! Somewhat of a surprise, having been an employed class teacher and headteacher ever since leaving college. I thought a bit… then ‘businesses have websites’, I exclaimed to myself! Before long I was learning how to create a website for my business. I had previously been afraid of even using a computer! My first website www.discover-multiple-intelligences.com came into being as a result of completing a telephone mentoring course, from the USA, on setting up websites. I’ve been hooked on IT ever since! I added pages to that site after the course, as time went on. It was that website that has taken me to India (thirteen times) and an Algerian university to run teacher trainings courses on MI. Someone in each country finding me on the web via that DMI website. Having learned how to set up a website with help, I then set one up on my own www.maweducation.co.uk These websites look rather old-fashioned now. But they deserve to stay. They have served me well. The website you are now on www.mi-education.com has mainly replaced them.

If you are a teacher of ICT then what I have to offer will be simple for you. If you are a teacher trained in the last ten years, then it should be reasonably simple for you too, as you probably have many ICT skills. If you have been teaching longer, then why not learn something new and discover your multiple intelligences and see where it leads you?

As a teacher, headteacher, inspector and teacher trainer I have always had to work with others. None of these occupations is a solitary one. Sometimes it is worth reflecting on this. So, I want you to receive this free book about working with others. All teachers have to work with others. If you enjoy it, (the book, I mean!)  I will send you another helpful (free) booklet which will help you reflect further on what you are at present doing, related to you being an expert. You can then choose if you too want to set up a small business, based on your expertise, alongside your teaching. That little extra, coming in each month, might be helpful.

Teachers need a few rewards for the work they do for others!

-All the best, Margaret Warner

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